Haché & Associés Avocats Inc. and Family Law in Laval

Family Law
The law firm of Haché & Associés Avocats in Laval has acquired a great deal of experience in the area of family law. Whether you need assistance in the case of shared custody, a divorce or an insurance claim, feel free to contact us. We will represent you in Laval, Montreal, Saint-Jérôme and Joliette.

Divorce and Food Pension
Haché & Associés Avocats will help you to get the most out of your situation in the case of a divorce, negotiating a food pension or even a separation of goods. This will help you to avoid a great deal of stress and worry.

Insurance Claims
If you have submitted an insurance claim that was refused, whether it was for an automobile accident, theft, fire or the reimbursement of medical fees and you do not believe that the refusal is justified, our experienced team will examine your claim in an effort to find a solution.

Personal Injury and Accidents
The members of the law firm Haché & Associés Avocats possess an in-depth understanding of the law in the area of personal injury that may involve financial compensation. From accidents, to falls, to poisoning, to injury caused by a defective product, we will provide you with all of the legal information and assistance required to validate your claim.

Civil and Commercial Litigation
The team at Haché & Associés Avocats will represent you in cases of commercial or civil litigation. It is often a question of a claim for unjustified dismissal, disputes among shareholders or litigation between owners and renters in connection with one or more properties.

Legal Mortgage and Notice of Termination
Trust Haché & Associés Avocats for legal aid in the case of disputes related to a mortgage debt where the complainant risks losing the home. However, if the mortgage is used as a guarantee against a commercial transaction or investment, legal aid is only available if the complainant is in a disadvantageous situation. In addition, all cases can be affected by exceptional circumstances.